What are the problems with Air Condition and How to solve them?

An air conditioner involves the system that helps moving heat from inside space to the outside area to cool sown warm atmosphere of the house. The cool air then can move throughout a building through the ventilation system. The air conditioner almost acts like a heat pump and does not follow a cooling cycle. Some works of input are needed to operate. If they are not followed entropy may decrease naturally. This is denied and forbidden by the second law of thermodynamics. Refrigerant is known as the substance that works to cool. It works in the following process:

  • It absorbs heat from the hot room using liquid refrigerant and immediately cools down the room.
  • Next, it increases the temperature using a compressor and changes the phase quickly.
  • In the next step, it transfers the heat from the refrigerant to the outside passing through the condenser coil.
  • When refrigerant needs to decrease its pressure it immediately expands. Thus it cools down to the below room’s temperature and starts repeating the cooling cycle.

The air conditioner is also called a split system. This system involves an outdoor and indoor unit named the condenser and evaporator.

The air conditioner is one of the most important units of HVAC systems. This is mandatory for the households because in summer heat increases a lot. For passing heat outside and making indoor comfortable for living air conditioners demand knows no bound. Proper maintenance and repair are essentials for all HVAC units. Some indications help you know whether your air conditioner unit has any defect or not. You have to check your system periodically. You have to focus on the following factors while checking your air conditioner system as well.


Is the Filter of Air-conditioner Dirty? Let’s find out the answer.

It does not matter about the brand of your air conditioner or the type of your air conditioner. The filter should have the ability to maintain proper airflow and cooling down the air. A clogged filter gives you the worst experience. It can easily restrict airflow and reduces filters’ ability to effectively cool air. You have to clean the air filter periodically. If your filter is not cleaned up before, immediately clean them up. For a portable air conditioner, you have to check the window filter and air conditioner filer both. In the case of central AC, you have to follow the instructions given by the filter manufacturer. You have to swap another new filter according to the instruction. Generally, the filter has a life span of three to twelve months according to CR’s test. But it can be damaged due to the heavy pressure of airflow.

In case of having pets or running the system constantly you have to be more concerned about the cleaning. Most of the households facing problems with their air filter because of neglecting filter changing and cleaning processes. As a result, their air conditioner system gets disturbed and it needs immediate maintenance and repair.


Is the Window AC Sunny Inside? Let’s check this fast.

When you set up your window Ac in a window you have to ensure hot air is not coming inside. If hot air easily gets in it will make your air conditioner works harder. It will face more pressure for cooling down your area. We are recommending you if you have any other option them move the system to a shadier place where direct sunlight cannot get in or the hot air either. You can also use a heavy curtain on your window to block the entrance of heat or sunlight directly into the house. This will help you to protect your house from heating up and reduce the pressure of the air conditioner.

Leakage can be a reason to get warm air inside the house. You need to check window leakage periodically and the seals to check whether warm air is entering the house or not. If you found any reseal the whole units to block the leakage. Now a day, most of the window panels come with the proper insulation and ventilation panel to place over the plastic adjustable side panels. If you need to get the best service and want to maximize efficiency you have to use weather stripping around the units. You have to follow and maintain the manufacturer’s installation and safety hardware.

You have to ensure whether your window AC vibrating or not. Plenty of noises are made by the air conditioner. These noises are created from the whir of the fan and the compressor making sounds while cycling on and off. These sounds are normal and pose no threat. But if you identify vibration noise you have to be careful. Most of the noises start with the incorrect installation of the unit parts. In this situation, you need to ensure it is sitting well and check the installation is done according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Next, you have to check the position of the thermostat. A smart and programmable thermostat provides you the opportunity of controlling temperature easily. With all facilities included controlling temperature is essentials. Staying at home you must need to be warmer sometimes and sometimes cold. With the right situated thermostat, you can avail of this facility properly. You need to ensure your thermostat is not exposed to the direct sunlight near the window which may make it capture the wrong temperature.

Moreover, you have to remember the annual checkup. Your air conditioner needs maintenance and must have some repair issues. You have to take the assistance of an HVAC technician who knows the overall process for maintenance and repair. The maintenance process can be done by the technician by in case of repairing you have to go HVAC contractor or service center. You have to remember outdoor compressor always needs adequate airflow for running correctly. You need to ensure at least 2-3 fit spaces between the compressors and structure or any other plant. Clearance between the trees above and the top of the units should be 5 feet. These tips will help you reducing pressure on your HVAC units.


Here are some tips for repairing your central AC

When the central air conditioner fails during the summer season you may have to wait days for an HVAC repair technician or a reputed contractor to show up. Sometimes you have to pay at least several hundred for repairing. But you can minimize this cost if you are enough comfortable roaming around electricity. Only by spending $50 on AC parts, you can do your repair at home. It may take two hours for servicing your air conditioner but more than $200 can be saved at the same time. This process will help you with the most common ‘low cooling’ ‘no cooling’ problems. You need a voltage sniffer, an inexpensive multimeter, and an assortment of insulated screwdrivers and a set of the socket.

The process you have to follow:

Step 1: First, you need to set your thermostat to AC mode and keep the temperature lower. If you find the furnace kicking properly itself then the furnace is safe and no problem in it. But if the fan does not run you have to reset the furnace circuit breaker. If the fan is still not working you have to seek help from a pro. The process shown here will not work anymore.

Step 2: Now you have to check the outside condensing unit. There the compressor that is making sounds like a refrigerator and the fan should be running. If they are not responding like said here you have to follow the troubleshooting and repair procedures shown below.

Step 3: In this step, you have to disconnect or remove the outdoor condensing unit’s access panel. Turn off the power of AC and furnace breakers in the main electrical panel.

If your air conditioner is not running well and not blowing out cold air you have to ensure all the events are open and the thermostat is in the right position. If you do not found any problem there check the air filter immediately. The air filter can be jammed if this is not cleaned periodically. If you found your air filter clogged with dirt and other debris you will not get air. This problem happens because clog or dirt makes evaporator coils freeze. Ice and frost also clog the airflow more. In this case, you have to clean the air filter with a soft brush, mild soap, and water. You also may have the same problem with your fan and the fan motor. If you found the fan turn easily then the problem may is in electrical power to the motor or there must be a leakage in the refrigerant line. If this happens you just need to get assistance from a qualified HVAC technician for inspecting the air condition unit.

If you do not find your air conditioner is not cooling enough, then check out all the ventilator whether they are open or not. If even one of them is not open the full system of ventilation gets stopped. The problem occurs when the hot air within the room is mixed up with the cold air. You may have other problems like leakage in the refrigerant line. If you are using the old system or you have installed the unit improperly it may be wearing out. If your system is too large for your home it will cycle on and cycle off too quickly. This process will reduce efficiency. On other hand, if you install a system that is too small for your home will work harder for cooling down your room. It may cause a premature breakdown anytime to your system.

You may face a water leakage problem from your AC in the house. This happens when your condensate drain is clogged with dirt and gets closed. This causes the water to back up at your home. A dry or vacuum cleaner may be helpful to clean the clogged line of the condensate drain line. If this technique is not working then your drain pump may have been broken down. You need to consult an HVAC expert as soon as possible.

If your air conditioner does not turn off or will or stop functioning ensure your filter is dirty or not. If you run your air conditioner too longer then it will make the filter dirty. If your system is older or structured improperly it may also cause damage to the filter. If you continue to run your AC longer you may face a rarely stacking fan, a short in the thermostat cable, and a thermostat that has already gone bad.

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