HVAC Maintenance and Repair Tips

What we are going to know from this blog!!

  • What is HVAC System?
  • How many types of HVAC Systems there?
  • What are the most essentials maintenance and repair tips for HVAC?
  • An assuming estimation of cost for maintenance and replacement of elements of HVAC Units.

What is the HVAC  system? Let’s talk about some of the key elements of HVAC.
At the very beginning, let’s know about the system. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. This system is working for maintaining the heating and cooling system of residential and commercial buildings. This system is so much needed that it can be found everywhere from a small family to submarines that also take care of nature. Modern construction procedures have been more upgraded including these systems. It helps to provide outdoor fresh air to indoor spaces.

In this blog, e are going to learn about how these elements of the system work and the overall maintenance process to keep them working.


Types of HVAC System-4 Types


Split System: The split system is notable mostly as it is for both indoor and outdoor units and they are recognized easily. This system involves a cooling system outside that uses refrigerant, compressor, and coils for cooling air and a fan to blow out hot air from inside. Another heating system is also included which uses gas to create heat that keeps the house warm. This process is dispersed by a fan that rates to circulate the air.

Hybrid System: Though there is a similar word between hybrid split system and split system, they contain some key differences. Now a day’s hybrid system is mostly used as this system can mitigate energy costs. They are providing an electric hybrid heating system which helps them to be different from other HVAC system units. This ultra-modern technology allows customers to select whether they want to use gas power that is quicker or electric that is more efficient.

Duct-free System: It is also known as a mini-split is unique with a large cost but contains a big benefit for certain needs and applications. This HVAC system is used individually in each room and provides greater independent control to owners. This system is expensive and also visual to the owner. According to this process, these units are mounted on indoor walls and are attached to outdoor compressors. This type of system is more useful for hotel business, venue, allowing tenants individual control. Another benefit is energy conservation since individual rooms that are being used are being heated;  it helps you to keep your exterior or unused rooms from wasting energy. This is the reason for what people seek this type of system to avoid wasting electricity.

it keeps exterior or unused rooms from wasting energy. This is why individuals retiring or downsizing could seek to install these systems, keeping the rooms they use warm and the rooms they do not use from sapping energy.

Air System: Package and air system are one of the most niches among other HVAC Systems. It contains both an air and heating unit which is stored on the floor or other spaces of the house and provides both cooling and heating service to the house. It is more useful because of the compact size that helps it to get fitted in spall space or house. This system can be easily maintained and efficient also. As the heating system is not much powerful as any other option, this is used mostly in warmer climates.

Here are some HVAC maintenance and repair tips for you            

Test your air conditioner: Generally keeping ways from usage electric product makes it hazy. The air conditioner is one of the sensitive electronic products that is used most of the house. If you have not run your air conditioner this year yet, you just need to check this out. You need to set the different temperatures on this to know whether this works easily. You should beware of different noises coming from your air conditioner and look for any leak.

Replace the air filter and make a schedule: Air filters are needed to be changed between every 30 to 90 days from installation.  They are also needed to be checked and cleaned every month. If you have a big family with a large number of people, which you need to clean and change your air filters more often. In the case of having pets in the house, cleaning air filters regularly is more important and obvious. This process is needed to be on a scheduled weekly or monthly basis from the time of operating HVAC.

Clean the Vents: Vents are actually are made so that air and light can easily enter the house. But dust and dirt also come through these vents. So these vents should be cleaned to keep dust and dirt from building up and obstructing airflow. Sometimes checking you may notice weak or abnormal airflow. If so, you should contact an HVAC service nearby you so that no difficulty can be made.

Make a Smart Schedule and Get a Smart Thermostat: Maintenance is important and also ensures you never miss out on the benefits of making your parts and equipment serviced and okay. It is better to spend some on the ice plan of the equipment than to spend on repairing parts. A programmable thermostat can pay for itself if it can avoid the wastage of energy when you are at your work. It can automatically reduce the temperature when you sleep and raise it again when you wake up. The following elements are needed to be checked and cleaned:

  • Check the air filter
  • Clean the coils
  • Check refrigerant level
  • Check the working of fan
  • Check the heat exchanger for leaks
  • Clean the drain lines

Clean the outside units: Sometimes we forget to clean the outside portion of the HVAC and sometimes we avoid it intentionally. But we need to know that outside maintenance is as same important as indoor servicing and maintenance. The outdoor units should be free from leaves, twigs, or debris. Plants should be cut back and shrubs by at least three feet. The inside and outside unit should be wiped down to be free from dirt and dust. Sometimes, if needed, it should be a sh of through gentle spray.

Make a Ductwork Inspection Schedule: Ductwork inspection is so much important and it should be maintained every several years. It allows technicians to check the blockage. Over time, debris can be accumulated from the air ducts that may impede airflow which may cause overwork of your equipment and weaken the system.

Throw Some Shades: Of course, natural lights and air are important for health and we make some spaces to come through the house. But this can cause damage to your AC bringing extra dirt and dust. By avoiding this you can take better care of your HVAC system and give machines an extra life span. You can use blind and heavy curtains east- and west-facing windows, or grow shade trees outside of them.

Proper maintenance can lower your maintenance cost. This enables households to reduce their utility bills by maintaining proper maintenance and repairing systems. When your HVAC is running efficiently and your home is correctly insulated and ventilated you do not need to spend much money on utility and maintenance. Proper maintenance and repair of the components of the System ensure you healthy air and help you to keep your home cozy and fresh. When you clean your full HVAC system and its outdoor and indoor components, it helps to increase the span of HVAC.

It also a matter of fact is, after following so many maintenance processes HVAC units some repairs from time to time. Well-maintained units are less likely to breakdown during the month of June to the month of September. This is named summer month to colder winter month. During this season you will be released from the repair cost if you maintain those units properly.

Let’s have some idea of costs of replacing HVAC Units in the USA

Avoiding or neglecting a monthly HVAC maintenance to the HVAC units probably meet higher damage of them. If that happens you just need to spend on replacing the furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump. It may cost you between $8000 – $ 15000. This assuming estimation can be varied based on the following facts:

  • The size of the units
  • The efficiency levels of the units
  • The features/technology you choose
  • The contractor has chosen for the installation

Furnaces may last much than AC units. So you need to take care of your furnaces. If for any reason the AC is failing, you do not need to renew the furnace. You need to look after your overall maintenance program regularly so you do not need to spend more on other additional costs.




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