Common Televisions Problems & Their Solutions – TV Repair Tips

Television is a set of monitors, soundboxes, and tuners for the purpose of viewing and hearing television broadcasting that comes through satellite. A cable and computer monitor can be also used for watching a television program. The television program is also known as a television show that is broadcasting from satellite cables. The television show can be a one-time production series or a part of the series. In every household, you will find television for sure. Because modern life cannot think a day without television.

Television is not only a means of entertainment. It also provides us important information and news about everything that is happening surrounding us. Television is useful for not the only personal purpose; in the business sector, its importance knows no bound. If you are an owner of a company and you have a large stock product you must need to sell them as soon as possible. But who will buy your product or how people will know you. Yes, the answer is here. You can use television as a means of promotion. You may hire an ad agency and telecast an ad about your product. People will know the product and also remember the name of your company as well.

Television is an electric machine that runs with electricity. It can be easily broken down anytime. If you have a basic knowledge about TV repair you will find the problem without hassles. But you must go to a repair center for immediate inspection of your television. There are several problems you may face while using television and you should have general knowledge about those problems. In this blog, we are going to explain the common problems of television and the way you can repair your TV and solve the problems.

What are the common problems of Television?

Television turns on and turns off by itself: This is a common problem that may be faced by every user of a television. You can fix this problem yourself sitting at home. First, you need to unplug the television from the electric main power socket. Keep the television without power for more than one minute. After a while plug it in again to the same place as the power socket. This process will help you to bring your TV back to function. Next, you have to immediately remove the extenders of the TV such as a remote controller that is placed nearby your television. Extenders can emit the signals interfering with the TV. You may also be able to change the battery of the remote control as the damaged battery causes malfunction of the remote.

Picture discoloration and distortion: Sometimes you may find your TC is going well after starting. But sometimes late the picture gets discolor or distorted. In this situation, you do not need to panic anymore. This is a common and normal problem of television that can be solved within some minutes. When you see this problem you need to unplug the TV from the main power socket. After few minutes plug it again and keep it on-off power mood. Then turn on the power of the TV and if possible check the TV with any other video source. You can use DVD players or any other gaming option if you have on your television. Gaming options can be play station or Xbox etc. If your find your TV is running like before it ensures that all okay. But if you find the same problem then you need to further repair your television. Bring a skilled TV repair technician to your home or you can take your television to a well-known TV repair center as well.

TV has pictures but no sound or sound without pictures: This is another common and normal issue for television. This problem can be easily solved without going to any TV repair center. When you face this problem just go to the setting menu of your TV and check the sound and picture sets as well. Most of the time this problem is solved only by doing this simple task. But if it does not work and you face the problem again we will suggest you go to the nearest and good TV servicing center immediately. They will help you solve your issue with the TV.

A colored vertical /horizontal line is displayed at the one end of the screen: This problem can be faced anytime if there is any problem in the magnetite waves coming from the speakers or from any other electronic devices that are placed near your television. First, move away from those electrical devices from TV if there is any. Then unplug your TV from the main power socket and remain no power for some time. Now turn it on and watch if it is okay. If no, please take your TV to the repair center as it needs a professional’s touch to function again.

Video does not match audio: This is one of the most annoying as well as common problems of television. You will feel bore when you see someone’s mouth is moving but the sound is coming late in television. You can solve this problem by directly go to the sound setting system menu of your television or cable box to adjust the audio delay. This simple task will get back to you to sync. But if you find no positive result after doing this you may be sure that the problem is not in your television. The problem is mainly from TV cable service providers.

The picture is pixilated or broke up: When you see the pictures on your television are broke up, getting up and down, or pixilated then you are probably facing a weak signal from cable or operating box. It looks like everything is coming up in a square shape. If you want to solve this yourself you first check all the connections come from the wall t the cable box immediately. This problem mainly happens due to the loose connection of the wires. After checking if you face the same issue you need to consult a good TV repair technician.

Flat-screen plasma, OLED, LED, or QLED has been cracked: If you find your TV is having the lines and bringing up the TV menu or the screen is cracked ensure your TV panels need to be replaced immediately. This is not a cost-effective repair and you may have to spend much for this issue. But you have a warranty and extended warranty for your television and there is also a line in the panel, the company will replace your TV. If your display is physically cracked then the warranty will not be valid to be worked. In this case, you have to replace your TV covering all costs yourself.

Television is not getting connected to the internet: Now a day most of the television in the household is modern featured. They are upgraded with the latest technology and these TVs are called smart television. They can be connected to the internet and you are able to watch anything online. This type of TV can be used as a big computer monitor. This smart feature may not work if you do not have an internet connection to your television you somehow the connection is changed. If you face this problem first you have to check the internet connection to your television. Then you need to check the router whether it is connected or not. If you find all connections are okay then the problem may be in the service provider’s network. You have to wait unless they fix it.

Dull and ill-fitted Image: Sometimes you may face problems with your TV come with dull pictures or ambient picture adjustment. In this case, you have turned off your television and keep it without power for a minute. Then power on again and adjust the brightness of your television according to your preference. You will be facilitated with adjustable picture size with the contemporary television. You can also customize the size according to your viewing requirements for the best experience.

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