How to do Auto Body Repair at Home

1. What is an Auto Body Repair?

The auto repair system involves the latest repair kits of automobiles and follows a procedure to recover the damaged area of the car body. If you want to do an auto body repair yourself, this article will be very helpful for you. Let’s know the phases that an automobile repair consists of.

2. What does an Auto Repairer do for Auto Body Repair?

To repair an auto body a repairer first typically reviews the damaged areas of the vehicle. He reports about the damaged area and estimates the costs needed for auto repair and other tools. Then he makes the blueprint for repairing the auto body and painting the cracked areas.

  • He starts to remove the body parts that have been damaged such as fenders, bumpers, grilles, hoods, and trim.
  • He realigns the frames of the car the chassis to repair the structural damage of the automobiles.
  • Uses hammer one of the auto repair tools to patch dimples, dents, and other minor body damages.
  • He welds and fits the replacement parts of the auto body carefully and also installs all the waterproof windows and windshields.
  • Restore all the auto repair tools together so that everything can get while working on auto body repair issues.

3. What are the Auto Body Repair Tools?

A good automobile repair shop must have certain repair tools. Automobile repair tools are essentials if you want to repair your auto body yourself. You can also use an auto repair estimate to know the repair tolls separately as well as their usage also.

If you want to carry out a perfect finishing job you need to know the name of the auto body repair tools and also the estimation cost for repairing the damaged areas. You need to be equipped with a number of power tools; hand tools and other automated equipment to make sure you are able to fix automobile repair issues. Let’s know some of the auto body repair tools.

HVLP Spray Gun: One of the Most Important Tools an Auto Body Technician uses to repair auto body. One of the most important jobs of car repair is completing the overall painting of the vehicle. This tool acts as auto body paint repair. This is the toughest task indeed for an auto car repair technician. The customer primarily focuses on the painting issues of a car or any other automobile.

If the finishing is not good the whole gesture of the vehicle will change. To make the painting visible and well-furnished painting of the auto body should be finished properly. HVLP Spray gun is the main tool for painting the auto body effectively. This important tool is used for a base coat or clear coat finished on the auto body parts. This painting process with the tool can be very expensive based on the different situations of the damaged areas.

Hammer and Dolly Set: Tools to Last Your Entire Auto Body Repair process. You can consider the auto repair estimate based on the available time and repair tools investment in a good hammer and dolly set will be the best decision. If you buy the dolly set and hammer it may cost you between $5-$200.

If you want to beat the panel just like a professional auto car repair technician a good hammer and dollies are essential to be with you. Even if you want to correct the most stubborn service dents you can use a hammer and dollies to fix the issue efficiently. A good set of dollies and hammers can last a long time and do not have to invest in this tool so often.

Sanding Blocks: In the issue of repairing the auto body, sanding blocks have a wide range of uses. You can consider this tool as a multi-functional repair tool for the vehicle. The sanding box also involves cutting high spots and shaping the body filler, color sanding, and buffing.

You can avail of this repair tool easily as it is very affordable than any other tools for car body repair. You can also make this tool at home using pieces of wood and a flat steel bar. If you cannot buy this repair tool or if this is not available in the local market you can easily make this tool at home.

Slide Hammer: Repairing your car body when you need to pull down the dents and the panels you will need the slide hammer. It is used to pull down the panels of the car and the damaged dents. This tool can produce force as it includes a long round shaft and a weighted sliding hammer with it. It produces force without trickling the panel.

A number of different types of screws are included in the slide hammer. There are some hooks that are also attached to it. In some special cases, professional car repair technicians make their slide hammers. In that case, the hammer is made personalized to complete unusual dents tasks.

Disc Sander: When you will do the sanding of your car body and want to shape it properly you must need a disc sander. This is one of the most important tools for doing auto car repair jobs. Without this automatic tool, you are not able to do the basic sanding to your car body.

The body filler shaping of your car depends on this automatic tool. It may be costly to buy but once you have this you do not need to worry about your car body filler shaping. If you maintain the tool properly, this will provide service for the long run.

Auto Body Repair Tape:

When you have to cover the rusted area of your car body you must need 3M tape scotch to cover it. This tape generally is used with plastic to cover the rusted area. The material of this scotch tape is high quality and strong aluminum that is high strength adhesive.

This tape is packaged and convenient in a roll and you can use the tape by cutting it in the exact length. You can use it when you are covering up the dents of the car body without making any mess with the damaged area. It will give you a smooth finish as well.

Auto body repair tape is one of the most essential repair tools you can avail of from any local repair shop. It is affordable to use. So we recommend you store at least one piece for potential circumstances. This 3M scotch tape is very strong and rigid and can be cut as per your required length. The dimension of this tape is 2”*125” and 6930 high strength adhesive tape.

Auto Body Repair Panel:

Auto body panel repair and replacement refer to the process of replacing the damaged body part of your car instead of repairing them. You need to replace your car body panel when the panel is damaged or is not in the condition to repair it.

Sometimes replacing the body panel of your car is less expensive than the repair the panel. Repairing a damaged car body panel is more complex than replacing it. A slightly damaged panel and be easily repaired and you will see no further scratch on your car body.

But in the case of serious damage such as a major accident on the road you just need to replace your auto car panel. It will save both time and expenditure. The auto body panel requires the following parts of the car body:

  • Hood and trunk lid
  • Bumper in both side and fender
  • Door and window

4. What is the Auto Body Repair Estimate?

This is the systematic process of getting your all auto body parts after a serious accident without any hassles. This is one kind of insurance policy that is made between you and the mobile auto body repair shop. You may think this is a daunting process and the authority will take a long time to repent you.

But in reality, this is a great opportunity to get back your damaged car into full repaired shape without paying less to the repair shop. When you decide to get an estimation for your car you need to contact them physically. Many of the auto users may use auto body repair estimate software but we recommend you not to rely on the software only. Physical confirmation is more effective than an online consultation.

The overall expenditure or cost of your estimate generally depends on the damage of your automobile body part. You can never predict the real cost of repairing the damaged part of your car as there is no formula invented to know the actual cost.

There are so many complex and rare pieces of auto car parts that come together to repair, just like your car. The factors that should be included while making an estimation for your car are the labor time to repair and painting, and other parts and materials for repairing the damage.

If your car faced an accident then the common area to repair will be the front or rear bumper, hood, and side panel. The general estimation for repairing the damaged part of your car falls within the given range:

  • If a small part needs to be replaced with involving no paintwork – <$500
  • If a small repair is needed for one panel just like a bumper or fender – $500-$1,500
  • If you need Medium repair and need repair for several damaged panels (lights, grille, bumper, fender, etc.) – $1,500-$4,000
  • If you need Large repair when the car is totally out of a drive or cannot be run on the road – $4,000-$6,000
  • If your car faced Extensive damage due to an accident (car is not drivable) – >$6,000

5. How does the Auto Estimation Work?

Acts as Insurance: Your auto estimation with an auto repair shop acts as insurance for your car. If you, unfortunately, deal with a major accident and your auto panel gets damaged you will get repair service. Even if the panel needs to be replaced estimation shop will do it for you.

It is nothing but a specific amount of remuneration you have to pay to the repair shop each time according to the agreement. You may think this is too much expensive to bear the agreement between the auto estimation authority and you. But the fact is you are the part who is benefited from this agreement.

Auto body shop expertise: When you have an estimation for your car you will get assistance from professional repair technicians. Not every workshop has the expertise of automobiles. But when you have an insurance policy for your car, you will be referred to the best-skilled expertise of auto parts repair and replacement shop. You do not need to search far for the best repair shop.

Repair Process: When your insurance is granted for the estimation your car repair process gets underway. The repairing time can be varied based on the repair shop. Not all repair shops are the same in quality. You have selected the best one for your car repair and replacement.

The automobile repair shop will provide all kinds of repair tools for your car repair. You do not need to buy any of the tools. You can rely on them but must keep an eye. Estimation helps you to pursuit proper replacement of the damaged panels and repair of other parts of the automobile.

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