Auto AC Repair Guideline for Your Car or Vehicle

Auto AC repair is an emergency when the air conditioner is used in an auto gets damaged or unable to serve you anymore. Auto AC is the cooling system that keeps itself cool when there is hot weather outside. Like household AC, auto AC also needs maintenance and repair regularly.

If you do the regular maintenance of your auto AC you do not face the regular repair issues of the air conditioner. In this blog, we are going to discuss the most common problems of the auto air condition and the possible ways to solve those issues yourself.

1. What are the Most Common Problems of Auto AC Repair?


Attack of Contamination:

Most of the time car AC does not work properly due to some strong contamination from the environment. These are known as the sole culprit of a vehicle that attacks its air condition first. Before going for a regular servicing checkup you need to check and clean this contamination yourself.

You may do a flush your AC so that your AC will be free from germs, dirt, and debris. Engaging contamination in the air conditioner will prevent the clogs system to function the new parts of the auto. Clear-up contamination is important as the beginning of repair and maintenance issues starts from it.

A leak in the Freon:

A refrigerant is used in an auto air conditioning system to cool down the vehicle and also the people who ride. This protects from outside hot weather. A Freon is also used to reduce the heat inside the vehicle. The Freon circulates and runs into the air conditioning system that can be leaked at any time. Freon is one of the best auto AC repair kits. Generally, grommet, O-rings, and wear and tear of the rubber seal cause the leakage in the Freon.

This situation can stop down your air-condition from working properly and your vehicle may get hotter unexpectedly. If you find any of the issues defined above about the Freon you need to Freon repair with a new one immediately. This will not cost you highly spent repairs. A regular checkup or servicing to your auto ac can stop these issues easily. You may get assistance for auto ac leak repair from a well-known servicing center.

Failure of the Evaporation:

During the cooling system working your vehicle is also getting heat. To reduce the heat that is produced during the air conditioning system working evaporator is used. It absorbs the heat from the air conditioning system of your vehicle. You need to replace your evaporate coils when it gets damaged. If you want to repair this coil instead of replacing it will take more cost for you to repair the coil. If you want to do it on budget and want good working to evaporate you just need to replace the evaporate coil that is damaged. It helps you to keep your evaporator workable and healthy to serve you.

Issues with the Compressor:

You may need an auto AC to repair urgent if the vehicle needs an auto ac compressor repair. The compressor is the auto part that is designed and used to pump your Freon or refrigerator around the auto air conditioner. The compressor is the main part of the auto air conditioning system which can stop the entire air conditioning system. If the compressor fails your air conditioning system will not be able to work out anymore.

The only repair can work out when there is only a broken clutch problem. But most of the time in case of compressor-related problem you need to replace the compressor instead of repair it. Repairing a compressor will not serve you long run. Even you may need to spend more if you repair the compressor. It will be the wiser decision to replace the compressor immediately if you find any problem with it.

Worn Bets:

There are some belts and pulleys that are connected to the engine and used to set up the air conditioner. These belts can be worn out anytime due to high pressure. You need to check these bets regularly. If the belts were worn and you are running your air conditioner then the result will be worst and you have to face serious damage to your AC system.

Your engine can be also damaged due to worn belts in the air conditioner system. For your air conditioning service, you need to choose a reliable auto ac service center. You need to also monitor the air conditioner gas kit whether this is broken or for. If you find any problem with the gas kit you need to immediately replace them up. A bad gas kit and faulty air filter may cause serious damage to your air conditioning system.

2. How to Identify the Problems of Auto AC Repair?

When you go to repair your auto air conditioning it may include several tasks ranging from small to large scale. You need specific auto ac repair kits to repair the damaged part of your AC. It will start from the refrigerant or Freon level to the cooling fan of the AC system. An annual inspection and the replacement of any part of the air conditioning system can be perfectly done in any local auto air conditioner service center with the assistance of a qualified and experienced technician.

It will provide you the opportunity of servicing your air conditioner with less risk to be dull again within a short time. A regular inspection and diagnosis of the parts of your vehicle ensure the cooling efficiency of your AC system. Even the possible leakage in the auto AC compressor or air filter can be also seen if you have a regular maintenance checkup of your AC system. For a proper and checkup, you need to look after the following factors of your AC system. You may also get assistance from one of the best auto ac repair service centers.

  • You have to check whether your system fan level is okay or not. You may find them working properly or a gap between them.
  • You need to check whether the PSI pressure is reading to verify the level of the Freon. This is important as the Freon or refrigerator keeps the system cool.
  • You have to check the output temperature regularly.
  • You have to ensure the proper AC operating system by inspecting the blower fan and compressor of the AC.
  • You need to check hoses and belts to identify any indications for potential failure or aging.
  • You have to do a regular diagnosis of the possible problem with fuses, condenser, faulty switches, wiring, or failure of the internal compressor seals.

Step 1: First you need to start the vehicle and turn your auto AC on high. Now you have to feel the air coming from the auto air conditioner of your vehicle to assess how cool or warm it is. If you find your ac is running but the air is not cool as much as it should be then you need an immediate auto ac repair kit or you need to have Freon repair.

You need to find whether the ac system has an ac radiator issue or the cooling fan. Because there must be some electrical issues so that cooling fan may stop. You have to replace the cabin filter in case you smell some unpleasant smell around your vehicle. This will help you to get fresh air by increasing the airflow.

Step 2: Next you need to check if the ac compressor is running or not. Auto AC compressor runs to locate urgent auto AC repair issues any auto AC leak. It will help to locate the auto AC in the engine bay and identify the pulley is turning its center of pulley itself. The AC system uses a clutch to make itself working properly.

The pulley which is engaged with the clutch will rotate along with itself. If your auto ac does not engage a clutch your ac compressor may have been broken anytime and an urgent ac compressor repair and replacement will be needed. You can also fill it with ac refrigerant.

Step 3: Now check the wiring that is leading to the AC compressor. Most of the compressors will have a wire that is directly leading to the electrical clutch. You have to find the connector in the middle of the wire and unplug it immediately. Now take a length of a wire and run it to the positive battery terminal from the compressor’s wire. If you heard a louse noise you need the best auto ac repair assistance immediately. You will need a specialist ac repair kit to replace the AC compressor.

Step 5: find the leaks in the AC system of your vehicle. A leak detection kit is available in your nearby auto AC service center. Auto AC repair kits generally provide the dye AC repair essentials to run frequently through the lines and thus it detects auto ac leak repair for you.

First, you need to connect the leak detection can to the lower side of the service port. Then spray the can into your auto AC system. If you find any leakage there you need to take your vehicle to the professional to fix it. If no leakage is found then the problem may be in the lower refrigerant of the auto Ac.

AC repair issues

3. How to Fix Auto AC Repair Issues?

Repair for Adding Refrigerant:

The master of all auto AC repairs is the auto AC refrigerant that should suit the vehicle for the best. You can check the year of the refrigerant and you will find the correct type of refrigerant. Checking out the year is a useful method to choose the right refrigerant. Most of the vehicles are made after 1995 and all they use R134 a. If you have older than that you can use R12 easily. But you have to be informed that you cannot fill R12 yourself. You need to have an appointment with the AC repair service center to fill it up.

Check a Thermometer to Check the Ambient Temperature:

You need to know the current temperature of the environment if you want to read the gauge on the refrigerant. Auto air conditioning system can be at different temperature and refrigerant also occupies a different amount of space within the can. This can make the gauge of the refrigerant read at different temperatures.

Locate the Low Side Service Port:

An auto air conditioning system has always two sides, one is called the lower side port and the other is called the higher side port. When you need to charge your air conditioner system in your vehicle you always need to charge from the lower side service port. If you cannot locate the nozzle easily you may follow the compressor line to find out the lower side service port. You can also follow the manual book of your air conditioner to locate the service port.

Use a Rag to Clean the Service Port Area:

The lower service port of the auto AC system should be always neat and clean. You have to take care of this nozzle and make sure that it does not clog with any dirt or germ. You can use a brake cleaner to clean the line if you think this is better.

Attach the Service Hose to the Low Side Service Port:

You will find a hose that will come from the refrigerant refill kit. You need to connect this hose to the low-side service port to refill the AC system. You need to ensure the opposite side of the nozzle is being connected to the nozzle on the can. If you have a gauge one side of the hose should be connected to it and the other should be connected with the nozzle of the can. Make sure the hose is long enough to be connected with the nozzle on the gauge and also to the can.

Determine the Pressure:

Follow the chart of the ambient air pressure to know the actual air pressure. You need to read the display of the gauge so that you can know the ambient temperature amount to be considered. You have to know at what temperature level the refrigerant is now. Once you start spraying you have to keep an eye on the gauge to identify if the system is full.

Filling the Refrigerant:

You need to keep valuing the can until it begins to release the refrigerant. Some can may have different ways to break the seal of the can. You need to read the manual of the can carefully. Or you may take assistance from any auto specialist. You need to hold the can directly upright so that the refrigerant can pass through the vehicle’s engine. In case you turn the can aside the pressure will be dropped and the can will fail to refill the refrigerant. Now you have to lock the refrigerant leak and remove the charging hose immediately. If you find the can is empty you can throw it away.

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    Thanks for pointing out that wearing of the O-rings can be the cause of refrigerant leaks on a car. Because my car doesn’t cool down much anymore, I think I should start looking for an auto AC refrigerant charge service as soon as possible. Without temperature regulation, I can imagine that my car might face some more problems in the future.


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