What are the Problems you may Suffer from Using an Apple TV Remote?

You will find the Apple TV remote in a different version. It depends on the generation of Apple TV that you have. The newest model of Apple TV model has sported a remote based on Siri. It has the feature of controlling voice and browsing mechanisms. This remote with updated technology is pretty sturdy but sometimes you may experience some frustrating issues as well. In this article, we are going to discuss some problems with the Apple TV remote to help you fix those issues at home.

Charge and clean the remote up: It is obvious to charge the remote properly. To keep the remote function properly you have ensured charging regularly. At least 30 minutes charge should be ensured to keep running the remote. You will use the lightning USB cable and that should be connected to a wall charger instead to a computer.  Sometimes you may find your Apple TV remote’s keys are not working well or stacked frequently. In this case, you have to clean your remote using a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol. If you do not have any cotton swab immediately you can use a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a cloth that is lint-free and rub the buttons of the remote in a circular motion. This process should be started with a forward motion and then comes to reverse to unstuck the dirt.

Remove obstacles and keep them in the range: You have to always ensure there is no blockage between the remote and the front of the TV. You have to remove anything like an obstruction from the remote from where the power comes out. The IR sensor is the place from where the power works for a remote.  Generally, Apple TV remote equipped with an IR signal. It will be better if the signal comes with an RF signal. But with the IR the line of the signal should be clear so that the remote can talk to the TV unit. In the case of Siri remotes, you must need to stay with the same range as the remote fully lies on the Bluetooth connection to the Apple TV.

Focus on the cleaning to the edges of the buttons: If your feel is sticky when pushing the button you need to clean the edges of all buttons. When buttons get stuck it indicates the edges are not being cleaned properly. If you find the buttons are getting sticky continuously you have to use a can of compressed air that helps you removing anything in the edges. In case of the unavailability of rubbing alcohol and compressed air, you can also use a soft toothbrush and gently brush the button edges. It is also workable for removing obstacles from buttonholes and edges. After finishing cleaning the buttons of the remote you have to go all over the remote carefully using a microfiber cloth.

Reset the remote and Apple TV connection: You have to unplug your Apple TV from the main power socket. Now, wait for 6 seconds or more then plug it back to the same power socket. Try your remote now. In the case of using Siri remote, you have to press the menu simultaneously and the buttons of volume Up to reset. This helps you to reset your remote and also put it back into the pairing mode.

Re-pair your remote with your Apple TV: In the case of Siri remote, you have to point the remote almost three inches away from your Apple TV. Then you have to press the menu button and volume up button together and hold for 5 seconds. If you are asked to place the remote on the top of your Apple TV do accordingly to complete the pairing process. For the aluminum and white remote you have to link it to your Apple TV. Then you have to press the menu button and the right after button together. You have to hold for 6 seconds. Next, you will see a link shown to the screen of your Apple TV just above the remote icon. Pressing the Apple TV remote you have to check the response of the light on the unit of the Apple TV. If you see it is flashing randomly three times in succession that means you already have paired up the remote to the TV with a different remote.

If you find a light flashing when you press your TV remote on your Apple remote but nothing happens immediately you have to try again to pair your Apple TV with the remote and go to the remote setting. In case of having a Siri remote, you may reset the remote by simultaneously pressing the menu button and the volume up button. This action helps you to reset your remote and put it back into pairing mode. Nest you need to try holding the menu button and down buttons on the Apple remote to restart your Apple TV. If you still need help after restarting the TV you have to immediately unplug it from the main power socket. Now you have to wait a minimum of 5 seconds and plug it again in the power outlet. This process is sometimes useful for successfully restart the Apple TV and remote also.

You can use another remote for your Apple TV, unfortunately, broke down your remote. Universal type remote or network-based remote is the best for replacing Apple TV Remote. Network-based remote is helpful as it sends the signal through the network and Apple TV does not need it pointing directly at itself. In the case of using a universal remote, you have to let your remote learn the signals that are generated by the Siri Remote.

When you want to use a network-based remote for a home control system with your Apple TV you have to add your remote to the home app on an iPad OS or iOS. You must have to ensure your remote is turned on and connected to the network properly. First, you have to open the Home App on iPad OS or iOS and tap the add button. You have to also tap the Add Accessory button and follow the on-screen instruction. According to this process, you may have to scan or enter a home kit set up that involves 8 digits on the remote itself. Sometimes this code may found on the box or in the documentation. The facility you will get that you can assign the remote to the room giving it a name. The name will be shown in the Home app and on Apple TV and the process of how you control it using Siri.

What happens when you lost your Apple TV Remote?

A remote is essential to control the functions of the Apple TV. Apple Remote comes with the Apple TV. If you lost the remote you have to control your Apple TC through the iOS device or you need to buy a new remote.

Controlling Apple TV with iOS device: Losing your Apple TV remote you have to ensure your Apple TV is connected to your television. Before starting you have to power on the television and connect it to the Wi-Fi. If you find your Apple TV has been turned off you can easily turn it on without a remote. In case of having a new Apple TV that has not been set up yet you have to plug your Apple TV in to your Wi-Fi router with an Ethernet cable. Then you need to use the Apple TV remote in the control center. But ensure that the iOS device is not connected to the Wi-Fi that is also used for connecting your Apple TV.  Otherwise, you may buy another Apple TV remote or a Siri remote for your Apple TV, better if you buy it from the Apple Online Store or other authorized retailers. If you have any other remote of different Apple TV you can also use it to control tour Apple TV. If you find the remote of Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD you may try by charging the remote. Sometimes you may not be able to control your TV function and this depends on you If you have any other remote of different Apple TV you can also use it to control tour Apple TV. If you find the remote of Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD you may try by charging the remote. Sometimes you may not be able to control your TV function and this depends on your television.

The Apple TV 4K has been in the market since September of 2017. Since then it is gaining both popularity and momentum. The market of Apple TV is large and it is facing huge competition in market. As a reason, you become conflicted. You can purchase an Apple TV 4K as some disputing reasons are acting as the influencer. Some benefits you will get from your Apple TV 4K-

Access to Apple TV+; this is one of the most significant reasons for which you should buy Apple TV 4K. This TV has all new features that stream original shows and films. This brings up the high competition to Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu. It was almost impossible before unless one had iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple hardware. But now Apple has made a deal to include an Apple TV App on third-party TV manufacturers just like Samsung did. However, if you have already an Apple TV but you did not upgrade it yet you may bring the Apple TV Box which will be a better option for watching live streaming of films and shows.

Another great feature you will get this comes with 4K. The previous model of Apple TV could not support the 4K feature as well. But the latest model of Apple TV has this awesome feature and people love this so much. This 4K has four times pixel count and the sales of 4K have been exploded since it has launched in the market. But the HD model is still in the market and a lot cheaper than the 4K version of Apple TV.

Apple TV 4K has come with an HDR that includes a high dynamic range. It allows producing incredible pictures. You will also come with a wide range of lights that will facilitate you from the dark to the brightest part. This will give the experience of watching the same image that you see in real. This is a great experience supported by the Apple TV 4K and also expected by the pro-level users of Apple. If the content provider and hardware support the impact of the HDR on an image can be transformative.

Another imaging feature is your all family members will get separate experiences using Apple TV 4K. Apple TV allows you to switch from one profile to another based on your personal preference. If you want to watch action movies while your partner prefers animated ones, you both can switch to separate profiles and watch what you want.

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